RUFUS is an automatically guided electric vehicle that

  • drives ahead of the runner like a pace setter in a marathon
  • at a velocity, which can be controlled in such a way that the runner’s heart beat reaches a certain rate and remains near that rate.
  • does not have to be pushed or steered – user follows vehicle free-handed
  • executes complete workouts
    (e.g. intervaltraining or pyramid fartlek runs)

Technical details

  • Running gear: three wheel with 2 differentially driven rear wheels
  • Maximum velocity (with 12“ wheels): 18 km/h
  • Weight: 18 kg
  • Drive: 2 x 24 V 150 W DC motors
  • Power supply: 24 V lithium-ion battery optional with 10.4 Ah, 13 Ah, 16 Ah or 17.5 Ah and charging device
  • Runtime in flat terrain: 6 – 8 hours
  • User interface: control via Tablet or Smartphone App (Android; iOS in the works)
  • Bio sensors: heart rate monitor (Bluetooth; ANT+)
  • Safety: safety rope between runner and device (leads to an emergency stop if unplugged)
  • Navigation sensors: GPS, wheel encoder, inertial measurement unit
  • Handling:
  • foldable steering column
  • wheels easily changeable
  • removable battery

Very first steps
  • Unpack and set up your RUFUS as described in the user manual.
Ready, steady, ...
  • Put on your heart rate monitor.
... go!
  • Select your workout of the day.
Steering RUFUS
  • As long as you do not touch and interfere with RUFUS it will keep driving straight.
...and stop!
  • In an emergency case pull the safety tether with the safety clip. Once the clip is unplugged RUFUS will stop immediately.
Check your progress
  • You want to know if and how much you have improved?
  • Basic
  • Premium
  • Pro
Coated aluminum  
Aluminum with individual coating optional
Stainless steel optional
Brushless DC motors 2 x 24 V / 120 W
Lithium-ion batteries 24V (removable) 10,4 Ah 17,5 Ah 16 Ah
Foldable steering column
Front wheel adjustable (mechanical, per software)
Wheel rim 12” plastics aluminum aluminum
Safety tether with emergency stop function
Contact sensors for deactivating the motors
Display (8“ tablet or smartphone)
On-/off switch
Bluetooth / ANT+
LTE optional optional optional
Manual control (heart rate & speed)
Program control (heart rate & speed)
Speed control with heart rate limit optional
Heading stabilization optional
Waypoint navigation optional optional
Editor for the generation of training plans
Complimentary firmware updates
Basic Endurance BE I
Basic Endurance BE II
Monthly subscriptions for training plans optional optional
Remote control
Bottle holder optional
Dual channel heart rate monitor (ANT+ and Bluetooth) optional
Headlight optional