| Bavarian Run 2018 | Olympic Park Munich

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On 01.07.2018 a small part of the runfun team took part in the Bavarian Run in the Olympic Park in Munich for the first time. At 10 am it started with 5 km race. One hour later, the 10 and 15 km runners started. RUFUS mastered the debut at his first proper running event perfect. And despite the average performance, our team was proud of its results.

 | Sport Club Herzogenaurach 1861 e.V. is testing RUFUS

Gerd Ankermann Head of running sports department of the SCH

Gerd Ankermann from the SCH has already completed several training sessions with RUFUS. His conclusion: has something!

The first unit was on the Tartan track of the club with a sprinter of the athletics division. RUFUS was accelerated to 12 km/h. Then it went with the run 10! (Lauf 10!) Training group (15 runners) in the Dohnwald, which borders on the club grounds. Parole: no one was allowed to overtake RUFUS. A pace of 8 was set and RUFUS kept the pace exactly on the practice lap. For the training in the group just with beginners an important experience. The following Sunday, Gerd was faced with the question of turning a lap with a motorbike, or putting RUFUS alone on the track to implement the individual training plan. The decision was made in favor of RUFUS. Back with RUFUS to Herzogenaurach. Incidentally, he fits into a Fiat Panda! Last Friday it went back to the Dohnwald. This time with two hobby runners, who have walked comfortably with a 6er pace for one hour.

The SCH will continue to test!