RUFUS running mileage program

You want to test RUFUS before you buy it and you want to safe some money at the same time?

For EVERY kilometer that you run with RUFUS we grant you a discount of 0,05% on your next purchase in our shop1). If you purchase one RUFUS this corresponds to a discount of 1 Euro per kilometer at the current list price.

And this is how it works:


  • Create an user account on our portal and register for the running mileage program.
  • Go to our shop, select a training plan, which fits to your fitness level and your goals, download it to your account, and activate it there. For all our customers we offer a free of charge training plan for a basic endurance training.
  • Go to one of the rental stations listed below and rent a RUFUS for your workout 2)
  • Turn on RUFUS and sign in to your account from the built in tablet. Your training plan will be automatically installed on RUFUS and you can start your workout.
  • After you have completed your exercise synchronize your activity with your account. This way the distance that you ran with RUFUS will be credited to your account.
  1. There is an upper limit of 25% for the discount of the current list price on any article from runfun Shop. Once you cashed the discount your mileage counter will be set to zero and you can start collecting miles again.
  2. In the rental station you may have to pay rental fees. These fees are independent on our mileage program and will not be reimbursed by us.