Getting started
You have only little experience in running and want to improve your basic en-durance through a goaloriented and well-structured training? ... more
Reducing Weight
You are dissatisfied with your weight, want to live a healthier life, and be more active? ... more
5 km
You want to participate in your first community race or make your running workouts more structured and effective? ... more
10 km
You want to further strengthen your endurance or set an ambitious goal or simply increase the length of your workouts? ... more
15 km
Bit by bit you want to work round to longer distances or already prepare yourself for your first half marathon? ... more
Half marathon
Your long-term objective is to run a marathon? An intermediate milestone to this very ambitious goal is to run half the distance in a decent time. ... more
The big challenge! You are an experienced runner and you want to participate in your first marathon or you want to improve your performance? ... more
In order to train effectively and improve your fitness and performance it is highly important to also let your body rest. ... more
General fitness
You are an energetic amateur athlete and you want to complement your training by regular running workouts to improve your basic endurance and performance? ... more

Subscription plans

The above subscription plans give you unlimited access to our collection of training plans. You are not limited to one plan at a time. You can download and execute any plan in our collection. Of course, you are well advise to focus on a realistic training objective and work towards that objective. Should you not find a training plan in our data base which suits your requirements then one of our affiliated professional coaches will create a new plan for you at no extra cost. Note that your training plans will expire and be no longer executable when your subscription expires.